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Spotlight on Dr. Nick Yiannios, DDS PLLC, at Pinnacle Hills Pkwy, Rogers, AR: Dr. Nick’s practice offers patients from near and afar unparalleled dental medicine based on the very latest scientific research.  Northwest Arkansas residents have a unique opportunity to experience world-class dentistry when they visit Dr. Nick.

Below Dr. Nick answers specific questions about his practice:

What did you want to accomplish by opening your business?
dr-nick-and-patientChanging and improving lives, one smile at time!

What do you want your customers to experience?
Efficiency of systems, based upon sound scientific principles. We practice dental medicine here, not just dentistry. We practice more science than art; the art is the easy part! Customized crowns robotically created in a single visit, the bite checked digitally and accurately, laser and kinetic cavity preparations, 3D imaging; all of these things and many more mean fewer visits for our patients so that they can spend more time doing what they do best!

What do you do best?
We put science and efficiency into the practice of metal free dental medicine, dental orthopedic assessments, and the human bite, all the while treating our patients as a part of our family!

What makes you different/unique from your competitors?
Our practice routinely treats patients from afar, meaning from far outside of Arkansas and often times far outside of the U.S.A. These patients often travel thousands of miles to obtain our unique services which are not offered in their home areas. They travel to us to address confounding bite issues that are affecting them in ways potentially responsible for temple headaches, sore cheek and facial muscles, and failing dental work, knowing full well that we think outside of the box and use objective measurement technologies and our unique skill set to provide resolution for many of these potentially dentally related issues. MRI’s, CBCT’s, digital bite analysis, electromyography; these and other computerized technologies assist us in providing these types of unique services.

Why should a customer choose you over your competitors?
Our practice puts massive amounts of time, energy, and technological innovation into ensuring that our patients enjoy spending less time in the practice and that they retain as much of what Mother Nature provided them as possible, using holistic materials and common sense approaches while providing these services. Cutting away less tissue is more, for example, to provide crowns and fillings for our patients. Another example would be ensuring that metals and mercury are not used in the practice, and that great measures are taken when the removal of such materials are required. Ensuring that we get the “bite right” via digital sensors (based upon little known researched principles) is a big part of what makes us unique. Less tooth sensitivity, less chance of subsequent root canals, less chance of tension headaches after dental work; these are all benefits of using computerized sensors instead of traditional analog “Tap-Tap-Tap” bite ribbons. Dr. Nick has published in the dental scientific literature several times, contributing to textbooks and scientific papers in regards to the importance of the human bite. Additionally, Dr. Nick just recently opened a teaching institution targeting dentists and other health care professionals with the intent of disseminating a unique and objectively measured approach to diagnosing and treating bite and TMD issues, and how those problems may adversely affect the practice of everyday dental medicine. Dr. Nick is extremely passionate about what he does, and it shows!

dr-nick-buildingWhat made you start your business?
We recently moved our practice to the progressive NWA metroplex knowing full well that the locals are hungry for better ways of doing things in general, and our practice philosophy fits that bill! Intuitively, a dental practice that respects the patient’s time, desires, and important regard for optimum oral health allowed us to quickly earn the respect of NWA residents. Additionally, a larger airport that could assist in connecting those patients who travel from afar to seek treatment in the practice was just what Dr. Nick ordered!

What is the heart and soul of your business?
Changing lives, one smile at a time, based upon efficient use of digital systems and state of the art scientifically validated research in ways that most dental practices are not even aware of!

What makes you happy about your Dr. Nick’s?
Knowing that our dental practice can provide life changing services which are not limited to just the teeth and gums, but to the other parts of the human body!

What is a must try at Dr. Nick’s?
Same day robotically milled all-ceramic porcelain crowns and veneers produced in a single visit, with digital confirmation that we “get your bite right”!

When do you, as a business, know you did it right?
When patients from out of the state or country fly back in to see us for their normal dental checkups, cleaning and dental care, knowing full well that we will help them steer clear from the types of issues that we alone were previously able to resolve for them. Additionally, when local patients suddenly realize that what we do is above and beyond the norm and insist that their friends and family use us as their primary dental provider!

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