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There are a plethora of fun things to do, see, taste and enjoy here. Below is a sampling of the best.

Be prepared to have your sense of awe ignited as you experience Chihuly In The Gallery at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  No amount of promotion can adequately prepare you for the explosion of light and color that are represented in the seemingly endless blown glass shapes that you'll see throughout the exhibition. Here are just a few... Read more

Golf is one of those dual and individual sports that can be played for life. Even if you’re not in the best shape, you can still rent a cart and ride your way around the course. You can play alone against par or play with friends any time you choose. Be careful though, it can become addictive. Northwest Arkansas has some of the most beautiful... Read more

Every city in Northwest Arkansas has a farmers market and some of them have more than one. They are a regular Saturday morning affair in most downtown areas. Farmer’s markets feature a convenient way to sample the bounty of NWA. Fresh vegetables, flowers, meats….just about anything you might want can be found at a local farmer’s... Read more

What’s not to like about Italian food? Most people love it and enjoy it frequently. Luckily, Northwest Arkansas has many outstanding Italian restaurants to choose from. Use the Top 10 list below to find one that is near you. Bentonville  Read more

Taco restaurants and joints are down right all over the place in Northwest Arkansas. Some with the most unassuming outside appearance offer tacos that rival the street tacos in Mexico. You’ll have no trouble getting your taco on at any of the Top 10 Northwest Arkansas taco eateries below: Bentonville  Read more

Looking for something new and fun to do in Rogers? Downtown Rogers has many opportunities to experience the best of what this wonderful city has to offer in terms of creative, fun things to do. There are painting and cooking classes, escape rooms and so much more. Below are the Top 10 Downtown Rogers Experiences that will get... Read more

Looking for a steal of a deal? Visit one of NWA’s thrift stores. They offer gently-used clothing, good-condition household items, toys and more. If you enjoy shopping for a bargain or your budget could use a little help, finding some of the items you need at a thrift store could be just the answer you need. Bentonville  Read more

Coffee is much more than a delicious beverage, it has become a national pastime. Coffee lovers debate endlessly about the merits of one particular coffee over another. In fact, many variables like bean selection, grind, water, and brew method determine the taste of a cup of coffee. Northwest Arkansas has many superb coffee houses to choose... Read more

Barbecue is not only food, but it is also an event. It is the process of preparing it over a low, smoking fire for extended periods of time. Barbecue is not only the food, but it is also the event and the process of preparing it over a low, smoking fire for extended periods of time. Any meat can be barbecued, but most of the delicious BBQ served... Read more

If you’re already consuming a healthy diet, smoothies can be a great addition to your diet, but smoothies alone will probably not be all you need to change from a poor diet to one that is optimal for nutrition. Juice bars and nutritional smoothies have been around for good while, but until the revolution toward organic and healthy eating did... Read more