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Dickson Street, or otherwise known as the epicenter of Fayetteville, is equipped with numerous attractions for both the locals and tourists to experience. Activities greatly range throughout the area, allowing people of all ages to enjoy the fun and excitement that Northwest Arkansas has to offer. So, why does Dickson Street seem to be receiving all of the rage? Listed below are the top five reasons people love Dickson!

The Square

Fayetteville Square

Fayetteville Square ~ Photo Courtesy Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism

This captivating site located right off of Dickson Street provides abundant experiences and beautiful sites for anyone to participate in! Take a stroll around the Farmer’s Market during the months of April to October to view the unique handmade furnishings and homegrown products that locals provide for you, or visit during the months of November and December to view the gorgeous “Lights of the Ozarks”. The display of the lights are strung all throughout the square, and special events such as riding ponies, camels, or visiting Santa’s reindeer add a rare treat! Throw in a little shopping and munching, and the square is sure to satisfy you any way possible.

Walton Arts Center

Walton Art Center on Dickson Street

Walton Art Center – Photo Courtesy Arkansas Dept of Parks and Tourism

Dickson’s Street honored performing arts center offers a great amount of performances and events that are sufficient for any age. Art classes, theatrical acts, studio theaters, galleries, concerts, festivals, and more are just a few occurrences that the Walton Arts Center administers to Northwest Arkansas. Entertainers and artists are brought to the center from around the world to give the area a unique and memorable experience for both the locals or for those just passing through.



Hankering for a place to browse while walking the streets of the core of Fayetteville? Dickson Street brings you diverse shopping centers that are certain to spark your attention. From local boutiques that deliver one-of-a-kind fashion trends to extraordinary book shops, the shopping experience is limitless. For starters, visit the Dickson Street Bookshop for endless collections of used books or the local Fayettechill Clothing Company to get a small taste of this street’s shopping adventures!


Flying Burrito Restaurant Fayetteville AR

Flying Burrito – Photo Courtesy Arkansas Dept of Parks and Tourism

Whether you are craving decadent dessert, scrumptious coffee, Japanese takeout, or delightful burgers and steaks, Dickson Street is extremely well known for its wide variety of restaurants. Quaint coffee shops line the area, bar and grills vanquish each corner, and even yummy food trucks make an appearance to add a unique element to Dickson Street.



george's majestic lounge on Dickson Street

George’s Majestic Lounge

Seeking some fun and amusement late at night? Look no further, because the nightlife experience on Dickson Street is like no other! Enjoy concerts at George’s Majestic Lounge, unwind at Farrell’s Lounge Bar & Grill, or even relish in the social gatherings and live music that Willy D’s Rock & Roll Piano Bar has to offer. Each bistro and hangout are in walking distance within one another, and you are sure to find yourself having a good time no matter where you end up!


Kodi Wilson and TheNWAGuru