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Gluten is the general term for the proteins found in wheat.  It is the glue that holds food together, and it is found in many foods we regularly consume.  Many people today are gluten intolerant, and to accommodate their dietary restrictions, many restaurants have added a section of GF items to their menus.  

The establishments on the Top 10 list below offer GF menu selections:

Crepes Paulette $
100 SW 8th St, Suite 4 
(479) 250-1110

Crepes Paulette’s SAVORY CREPES are gluten free, made from buckwheat, which is really not a wheat at all, but is, instead, related to sorrel, knotweed and rhubarb.  The SWEET CREPES and SWEET AND SAVORY CREPES are made with traditional wheat-flour-based batter.  All their crepes are out-of-this-world scrumptious. They are indeed yummy beyond description.  My oh my!  Makes my mouth water just to think about them.

Crepes Paulette

Photo Courtesy of Crepes Paulette

Buttered Biscuit  $$
1403 SE Moberly Ln, (479) 319-4822

The Buttered Biscuit’s menu caters to patrons with dietary restrictions including those that need to eat Gluten Free.  For a list of GF items, just ask your server.

The Preacher’s Son  $$
201 NW A St, (479) 445-6065

Matthew Cooper, Executive Chef, has a Celiac condition, which has prompted him to learn how to cook gluten free. The entire menu is 100% GF.  Matthew’s signature dishes are beautifully presented, and taste divine.  Try the Pork Shank, a popular favorite, or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try the Spiced Strip Steak.

Preacher's Son Bentonville AR

Preacher’s Son image courtesy of Cammy Jo McCain

Snack Lab $
102 SE 28th St Suite 2, Bentonville, AR 72712
(479) 268-5353

Snack Lab has a fantastic selection of grab-and-go GF bowls and smoothies.  Pick up something for breakfast, lunch or breaks.  

Snack Lab Bentonville AR

Snack Lab

Eureka Springs
Aquarius Taqueria $$
91 S Main St, (479) 253-6888

This is a Mexican food spot where the entire menu is gluten free.  Tortillas are made fresh as you order, and the food is simply marvelous regardless of what you choose.  This Eureka Springs hotspot is also a great place to meet with friends over some delicious margaritas.

Mockingbird Kitchen $$
1466 North College Avenue, (479) 435-6333

Mockingbird Kitchen in Fayetteville offers many GF, vegan and vegetarian options on its rotating seasonal menu.  It works with local suppliers to procure ingredients for its amazing dishes.  Save room for dessert, Mockingbird’s pies are to-die-for.

Mockingbird Kitchen Restaurant Fayetteville Arkansas

Photo Courtesy of Mockingbird Kitchen

Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe $$
95 E Joyce Blvd, (479) 521-8291

Taziki’s makes over 100 items fresh daily.  It is committed to bringing the freshest and the tastiest Mediterranean-inspired food possible to NWA, and surrounding communities.  Menu selections include many GF, vegan and vegetarian items.  

Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe

Photo Courtesy of Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe

PF Chang’s $$
2203 S Promenade, Ste 13100, (479) 621-0491

PF Chang’s offers Asian-inspired flavors in a clean, modern setting.  The menu is littered with GF items.  Do tell the restaurant manager about your food allergy when you are first seated, so arrangements can be made in the kitchen to accommodate your needs. 

Angus Jack $$
2638 W Sunset Ave, (479) 717-2940

Angus Jack’s looks like a fast food spot, but it definitely is not, it just serves good food fast.  The buns are gluten free, and so very delicious. There are many burger options to choose from, and they also have a chicken and grilled cheese option.  People drive many miles just to have an Angus Jack’s burger. They have a second location in Bentonville.

Angus Jack Restaurant Springdale Arkansas

Photo courtesy of Angus Jack

Black Apple Crossing
321 E Emma Ave, (479) 751-0337

Black Apple Crossing is the state’s first cidery.  It produces naturally gluten free hard apple cider.  This cider is beyond delicious, it is awesome.  Stop by soon and have a flight of this amazing cider.

Black Apple Crossing Cidery Springdale Arkansas

Photo Courtesy of Black Apple Crossing