Top 10 Best Food Trucks in Fayetteville, Springdale and Lowell Arkansas are famous for their delicious and handy gourmet food delivered to your via the welcoming window of their food trucks. Whether you’re up for late-night dining, or just grabbing some quality food on your way home from work, you can find just the meal you’re looking for at one of the awesome Top 10 food trucks we’ve listed below:


Burton’s Comfort Creamery $
372 W Dickson St.

From signature cones to spicy sundaes, customers love this beautiful little food truck. Burton’s has soft serve ice cream, sundaes and cones. Serving up spicy, sweet and salty, Burton’s has your sweet tooth covered. With 10% butterfat, these sweet treats are beyond addictive.

Burton's Creamery

Image Courtesy Burton’s Creamery

Dot’s Nashville Hot Chicken $
617 N College Ave, (615) 594-6172

If you like your chicken spicy, then you simply must stop by Dot’s where you can get some of the most delicious hot chicken you’ve ever put in your mouth. Spiciness ranges from mild to hot, and the medium will bring you to tears. The breading is flavorful and the chicken on the inside is moist and tender. Dining at Dot’s is bound to be an experience you’ll repeat often.

Chao’s Asian & American Foods $
617 N. College Ave, (479) 316-9191
Fayetteville, AR

Chao’s is operated by super friendly, efficient people and the food portions are not large, they are massive.  Great place to enjoy excellent Chinese food without breaking the bank. Crab Rangoons are huge, and are they ever tasty.  In fact every dish is bursting with flavor. If you haven’t already, give them a try soon.

Wicked Wood Fired Pizza $
1946 N. Birch Street, (479) 466-8911

Wicked Wood Fired Pizza puts out delicious crispy pies baked in an Italian made wood fire oven, which fires to over 700 degrees. These signature pizzas will keep your taste buds popping and begging for more. Try the Wicked Supreme first and then try all the rest.

Courtesy of Wicked Wood Fired Pizza


Kyoto Japanese Hibachi Express
1064 East Henri de Tonti Blvd, (479) 238-5202

If you enjoy awesome Japanese food, you will love the large, delicious portions served up at this friendly food truck.  Food is fresh and made to order, call ahead and take dinner home to your family tonight. Visit just one time, and you’ll become a regular.  It’s just that good.


La Carreta Food Truck $
515 S Bloomington St, Lowell, AR, (479) 502-4868

This local taco truck has tasty tacos at very reasonable prices. Five bucks buys you a huge burrito or quesadilla.
Close to J.B. Hunt, it has outdoor seating and takeout.



Ying’s Chang Hmong & Chinese Hot Food $
4782 N College, Springdale, AR, (479) 966-7789

Especially known for its large portions and hot, fresh, delicious Asian food, this little food truck in Springdale is quickly becoming a favorite stop for residents, newcomers and visitors to NWA. If you enjoy Asian fusion at reasonable prices you’ll love Ying’s Chang Hmong & Chinese Hot Food.



Punjabi Kitchen $
2060 N Crossover Rd, (479) 445-2003
Fayetteville, AR

Great place to get fresh, authentic Indian food in Fayetteville. Customer service is excellent, and owner is friendly and accommodating. Try the Palak Paneer and the Chicken Tikka Masala. Try it once and you’re bound to become a regular.

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