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Want to dine outside?  So many are opting to enjoy outdoor dining in Bentonville Ar.  We created a list and found the 14 Best Restaurants With Outdoor Seating.

Why do we enjoy alfresco dining so much? Weather permitting it is more fun and exciting to dine outside, food tastes better, it’s a great way to spend some time in the open air, it relieves stress, eating in nature soothes you, restaurants attract more customers and the list goes on.

Best Restaurants With Outdoor Seating

Bentonville Travel Guide

Airship Coffee and Airship At the homestead (Coler Creek) $
1000 SE 5th St. (479) 268-6376

Two entirely different locations, but with the same great tasting, fresh coffee. The patio at the 5th street location is huge and has a large fenced-in area for your furry friends.

In addition to coffee, the Coler Creek location has food, beer and wine. It is within the Coler Mountain Bike Reserve and can only be accessed by a beautiful multi-use trail including a musical bridge. The coffee shop is approximately a mile in from either direction.

Makes a good short walk, or an easy bike ride. Has 3 different patios, lovely swings and, of course, plenty of space for your dogs.

Bike Rack Brewing Company $
801 SE 8th St, Unit 6 (479) 319-6593

Has a huge patio area with several top-notch food trucks, games and bike racks. Gathering place for visitors, the biking community, and a great place to relax after a ride on one of the many trails of Bentonville and the surrounding area.

On any given afternoon or evening, you’ll see people from all over the world mingling together and making new friends. A dog friendly space, this is a popular spot to have a cold brew and have some fun.

Bentonville Brewing Co $
Corner of I St and 14th S, (479) 903-7330

An entire facility devoted to brewing a fine collection of beer including classics, seasonal and experimental. Has a 24-tap tasting room, huge multi-level patio featuring seating, kids play area with strider bikes and a dog park.

The onsite German restaurant (Burg der Gustropub) has amazing German pub favorites plus tacos, burgers and such.

There are 3 food trucks:  Bartleby’s serves southern-fried, wickedly good seitan food.  Meaux Beignets makes some great powdered sugar delights. WOK N’ Roll, a Hibachi food truck, is also on the premises. A fun place to bring the family or visitors to the city.

Blu Fish House  $$

607 S. E. Fifth St, (479) 925-5300

All under one roof, you’ll find a restaurant, sushi bar and fresh market. Restaurant serves fresh fish dishes and sushi. Fresh seafood is flown in daily from both coasts and the gulf, and care is given to ensure that your dish is cooked to perfection.

The outdoor seating area is large, spanning the entire length of the front of the place. Patio atmosphere is the perfect place to take the family, meetup with friends or entertain visitors.

The folks at Blu are committed to making your experience with them one to be remembered. Go once, and you’ll be hooked!

Note:  Image at top of the page courtesy of Blu Fish.

Crepe’s Paulette  $$
100 SW 8th St., #4 (479) 250-1110

Known for their delicious hand-held crepes, the side patio is just the spot to enjoy the utter deliciousness of your crepes. This place is an experience rather than a restaurant.

Out-of-town visitors love to visit Crepes Paulette. What could be better, sweet and savory crepes eaten alfresco on the patio?

Louise at Thaden Field $$
2205 SW I St. suite 100, 479 250-0477

Patio seating faces the Thaden Field runway where you can watch all sorts of planes take off and land while you enjoy delicious eats for breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

Truly a unique, educational and fun experience all the way around. Check out the plane display on the inside of the Field House. Your guests will love Louise.

Get out, get some fresh air and experience the fun.

Hub Bike Lounge $$
410 SW A St STE.2, (479) 364-0393

The HUB in Bentonville is a gathering place for the ever growing biking community.

It’s a place to begin and end your riding adventures, get your bike repaired, buy bikes and biking apparel  and accessories, work, eat, drink a cold one or two or have a cocktail. Simply put, it is all things biking.

Super place to talk about your ride, and cool place to relax on the large, fun patio with the gang or visitors to the area. I

t’s also dog friendly.

The Momentary $$
507 SE E St, (479) 367-7500

A place to see today’s visual, culinary and visual arts, and a place to enjoy a delightful patio experience.

Patio is located right outside the RØDE Bar where you can enjoy live music and performances in a state-of-the-art space.

Patio also features a black and white food truck, which currently offers loaded fries and kabobs cooked over an open flame.

Great spot for relaxing under the stars with family, friends and visitors from out of town.

Onyx Coffee Lab $
100 NW 2nd St., Ste 106 (479) 715-6492

Onyx Coffee Lab in downtown Bentonville located just steps away from the Historic Bentonville Square has outstanding coffee, well-trained baristas, work stations and friendly people milling around.

The outdoor seating area with its bright yellow chairs is ideal for enjoying your coffee, food and other beverages and for watching activities on the street.

Onyx is likely to become one of your favorites.:

Pedaler’s Pub
410 SW A St, (479) 268-3285

At Pedaler’s there are patios front and back where there’s a focus on cycling and other outdoor adventures available in Bentonville.

The patio culture is a place to gather before or after a ride, and a place to talk about the adventures of the day. Many bike racks are available.

Wood-fired pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, salads, cocktails and local brews are all on the menu, and the service is fast and pleasant

Super fun spot for locals and visitors alike, and fido is welcome too.

Preacher’s Son – Rooftop $$$
201 SW A St., (479) 445-6065

In the heart of downtown Bentonville, Preacher’s Son’s unique, beautiful, alfresco rooftop bar, is a great place to either start or finish a special occasion evening.

Enjoy premium drinks, local brews and a select menu as you observe the lights of the city at this delightful rooftop experience.

Table Mesa Bistro with Bakery & Market $$
110 E West Central, (479) 715-6706

Located across the street from Bentonville’s beautiful downtown square, Table Mesa features delicious, modern Latin culinary creations and scrumptious bakery options.

This upscale casual restaurant serves amazing Sunday brunch, has sidewalk seating, and is the perfect place to relax and take in the sounds and sights of the heart of the city.

Locals love Table Mesa, and visitors count it as one of the highlights of their stay.

Table at the Station $$
110 E West Central, (479) 715-6706

Located in downtown Bentonville close to the Momentary. It offers one of the largest outdoor dining areas in Bentonville.The patio area while being spacious, is at the same time, quaint and cozy.

Brunch at Table at the Station is a local favorite. Burgers and American fare is their specialty. Service is good.. bottom line.  A meal at Table at the Station is a winner!