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Landmark restaurants in Northwest Arkansas (Eureka Springs, Fayetteville, Gentry, Lincoln, Rogers, Siloam Springs, Springdale and Tontitown) are more than just places to enjoy a delicious meal; they are cultural institutions that have stood the test of time, leaving an indelible mark on their respective communities.

These iconic establishments possess a rich history, often dating back several decades. They have become synonymous with dining experiences and are cherished by locals and tourists alike.

So, whether you are a seasoned food enthusiast or an avid traveler, make sure to add a visit to a Northwest Arkansas landmark restaurant to your bucket list. Immerse yourself in the magic of these beloved establishments, and let their storied past and unique cuisine leave an everlasting impression on your palate and in your heart.

Below are 30+ Landmark Restaurants in Northwest Arkansas


Bubba’s Barbecue $$
166 W Van Buren, (479) 253-7706
Year Opened: 1979
Type of Restaurant: BBQ
Known For: BBQ ribs, brisket, pulled pork and sandwiches

Ermilio’s Italian Home Cooking $$
26 White St, (479) 253-8806
Year Opened: 1987
Type of Restaurant: Italian 
Known For: Hearty plates of pasta, pork chops and garlic butter on homemade bread

Local Flavor Café $$
71 S Main St, (479) 253-9522
Year Opened: 1991
Type of Restaurant: New American
Known For: Salads and pasta

Local Flavor Eureka Springs AR

Image courtesy of Local Flavor

Mud Street Café  $$
22 S Main St G, (479) 253-6732
Year Opened: 1993
Type of Restaurant: American
Known For: Coffee and breakfast

Myrtie Mae’s
207 W Van Buren, (479) 253-9768
Year Opened: 1920’s
Type of Restaurant: Southern Food
Known For: Fried chicken & other Southern homestyle favorites


Cafe Rue Orleans $$
1150 N College Ave, (479) 443-2777
Year Opened: 2001
Type of Restaurant: Cajun & Seafood
Known For: Cajun food, crawfish, etoufee, brunch

Catfish Hole Fayetteville $$
4127 W Wedington Dr, (479) 521-7008
Year Opened: 1966
Type of Restaurant:  Seafood
Known For: Hush puppies, fried catfish and chicken tenders

Herman’s Ribhouse  $$
2901 N College Ave, (479) 442-9671
Year Opened: 1964
Type of Restaurant: Barbecue
Known For: Steak and ribs

Hugo’s $$
25 1/2 N Block Ave, (479) 521-7585
Year Opened: 1977
Type of Restaurant: American
Known For: Burgers

hugos fayetteville arkansas landmark restaurant

Image courtesy of Hugo’s

Penguin Ed’s Bar-B-Que $$
230 S E Ave, (479) 521-3663
Year Opened: 1962
Type of Restaurant: BBQ
Known For: BBQ Ribs and brisket
Note: Image at top of the page is courtesy of Penguin Ed’s

Northwest arkansas landmark restaurants

Image courtesy of Penguin Ed’s

Tiny Tim’s Pizza $$
21 W Mountain St, (479) 521-5551
Year Opened: 1971
Type of Restaurant: Pizza
Known For: Pizza and craft beer

Wes BBQ Burger Plus $
14 S University Ave, 479) 521-5901
Year Opened: 35+
Type of Restaurant: American
Known For: Hamburgers and great prices


Wooden Spoon $$
1000 S Gentry Blvd, (479) 736-3030
Opened: 2003
Type of Restaurant: American
Known For: Catfish, Southern food and pies


Hiwasse Diner $
13548 AR-72, (479) 636-9723
Year Opened: late 50’s – Early 60’s
Type of Restaurant: Diner
Known For: Breakfast and cheeseburgers


American Drive-In $
303 W Pridemore Dr, (479) 824-5459
Year Opened: 1958
Type of Restaurant: Drive-in
Known For: Old fashion burgers and shakes

BurgerLand $
802 E Pridemore Dr, (479) 824-3724
Year Opened: 1983
Type of Restaurant: Diner
Known For: Home of the old fashioned hamburger.


Catfish John’s $$
601 W Hudson Rd, (479) 631-6908
Year Opened: 1987
Type of Restaurant: Southern
Known For: Southern-fried catfish & hushpuppies

Catfish John's Landmark Restaurant Rogers Arkansas

Catfish John’s

Monte Ne Inn Chicken $$
13843 AR-94, (479) 636-5511
Year Opened
: 1971
Type of Restaurant: Family Style 
Known For: All you can eat fried chicken

Landmark Restaurants in Northwest Arkansas Monte Ne Inn Rogers AR

Image courtesy of Monte Ne Inn

Susie Q Malt Shop $
612 N 2nd St, (479) 631-6258
Year Opened: 1952
Type of Restaurant: Drive in 
Known For: Burgers, malts and shakes

Waffle Hut $
1233 W Walnut St, (479) 636-9988
Year Opened: 1976
Type of Restaurant: Breakfast restaurant
Known For: Breakfast

Wesner’s Grill $
117 W Chestnut St, (479) 636-9723
Year Opened: 1955
Type of Restaurant: American Diner
Known For: Breakfast, biscuits and gravy


Barnett’s Dairyette $
111 W Tulsa St, (479) 524-3211
Opened: 1957
Type of Restaurant: Drive in
Known For: Burgers, malts and ice cream

Cathy’s Corner $$
1910 US-412, (479) 524-4475
Opened:  1999
Type of Restaurant: Cafe
Known For:  Breakfast, Home-cooking

Callahan’s Steak House $$
Opened: 1993
Type of Restaurant: Steak house
Known For: Steak, Huge Portions

Jim’s Razorback Pizza $
2125 E Main St #1, (479) 549-4800
Opened: 1981 (originally in Fayetteville)
Type of Restaurant: Pizza
Known For: Pizza, Salad, Generous Portions


Neal’s Cafe $$
806 N Thompson St, (479) 751-9996
Year Opened: 1944
Type of Restaurant: Cafe
Known For: Fried Chicken, pies

Susan’s $
1440 W Sunset Ave, (479) 751-1445
Year Opened: 1996
Type of Restaurant: Southern Food
Known For: Breakfast, chicken fried steak

Patrick’s $
3976 Elm Springs Rd, (479) 751-9245
Year Opened: 1971
Type of Restaurant: Local Fast Food
Known For: Old fashioned burgers

Venesian Inn $$
Year Opened: 1947
Type of Restaurant: Italian
Known For: Homemade rolls, fried chicken, spaghetti

Venesian Inn Tontitown Northwest AR Restaurant


Westside Burger  $
3896 County Rd 56 suite d, (479) 419-9001
Year Opened:1995
Type of Restaurant: Grill
Known For: Cheeseburgers and shakes


Guido’s Pizza $$
363 W Henri De Tonti Blvd, (479) 361-9101
Year Opened: 1994
Type of Restaurant: Pizza
Known For: Pizza and spaghetti

Mama Z’s $$
357 W Henri De Tonti Blvd, (479) 361-2750
Year Opened: 1988
Type of Restaurant: Italian Restaurant
Known For: Spaghetti, fried chicken, onion rings