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Looking for a variety of cuisines?  Here are the Top 11 International Restaurants in Bentonville AR  – Indian, Pho, Asian, Thai,  Korean and Filipino.

Seriously, how dull life would be without the cuisines from around the world.

Because Bentonville is the headquarters for Walmart, people from all around the globe come to the city to work for the big box giant, and they bring their native food cravings with them.  In addition, Bentonville is also home to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, a world-class art museum that draws visitors from around the world. 

Want more reasons? Mountain bikers from everywhere are flocking here to experience the OZ Trails. In short, Bentonville has become a destination for international visitors and they enjoy all types of cuisines.

Check out the list below for:

Top 11 Best Indian, Thai, Asian, Filipino, Korean & Vietnamese Restaurants in Bentonville


Roll & Fold $$
801 SE 8th St, (479) 790-2988

Offering delicious Asian street food, and using only the freshest of ingredients, Dough Zone produces flavors that will delight you.

Prices are reasonable and portions are large.

Try the Braised Beef Noodles for a taste-treat you won’t soon forget.

If you practice a vegetarian or vegan diet, you’ll be pleased to know that several of their premier dishes allow you to stay on your diet.

This wonderful spot in 8th Street Market’s food hall is a great choice for Tues – Sat lunch and dinner. 

Its owners and staff are kind and appreciative.

Mai Chinese Food Trailer $
13472-13482 Lookout Dr, (417) 291-4625

>Excellent spot for delicious Chinese food including Crab Rangoon, General Tso Chicken, Pad Thai, Chow Mein, Fried Rice and Sesame Chicken. Fresh ingredients are expertly used, and you may also order vegetarian.

This is a food trailer situated on Lookout Drive on Hwy #72 North between Bella Vista & Bentonville. It is convenient for stopping by for to-go orders.

If you enjoy authentic Chinese fare, you will love this place. There’s a little deck with tables and chairs and there is a grassy area under the trees also with tables and chairs where you can eat your food while it is piping hot.

Service is friendly and efficient too.


Spice Shuttle – A North Indian Delight $
801 SE 8th St, (479) 268-1516

A food truck, located at the 8th St Market, specializing in North Indian cuisine. These flavors are authentic Punjabi creations, so authentic you’ll think you’re on the streets in New Delhi sampling your favorite North Indian cuisine.

Has excellent samosa chaat, Gol Gappa, Chicken Pakoda and more.

Friendly, helpful workers are waiting to fill your orders.


Arkanseoul $$
1335 S Main St Suite 1, (479) 250-9835

If you’ve ever wondered about what authentic Korean food was like, you can experience it for yourself when you visit Arkanseoul in Bentonville.

This is a family owned and women led operation that does a great job of simplifying the language of Korean food. Even if you’ve eaten fried chicken all your life, you’ll enjoy Arkanseoul’s delicious Koren Fried Chicken, which has a unique flavor that is easy to become addicted to.

Place is clean, inviting and cheerful, and service is friendly, helpful and efficient.

Gold Town Sushi & Korean BBQ $$$
1100 SE 14th St, (479) 273-1000

Barbecue your meats right at your table if you want. What a fun concept!
Food and environment are excellent, and the service team is always helpful and eager to make your experience with them a pleasure. Food is top-notch, no matter which menu items you choose, and the portion size is large enough for lunch the next day.

Everything is delicious, and if you have the time, get the beef and pork platter and barbecue it right at your table. Side dishes and condiments are on point too!

Great overall experience.


PinoyLicious Filipino Kitchen Food Truck $
700 SW 16th St, (479) 957-3466

PinoyLicious is a delightful food truck, located at Osage Park, that serves popular Filipino dishes. The food is fresh and delicious along with nice sized portions. The Sisig and the Chicken Adobo are superb.

The owners and staff are very helpful and are eager to explain the dishes and make recommendations on what to try. Give them a try, you may just find a new favorite place to eat!


Thai Cuisine $$
1100 SE 14th St, Suite #8, (479) 544-9220

With a mission to serve delicious, affordable Thai cuisine that encourages you to visit week after week, Thai Cuisine has some of the very best Thai food in the  country.

It’s a great choice for vegetarian options and traditional Thai food like their fabulous soup, Thai Curry and Pad Thai.

Atmosphere is friendly, service is excellent and kids eat free on Saturday.

Portions and prices are great too.

Thai Kitchen $$
707 SW A St, (479) 464-7288

If you’re a big eater, you will be satisfied, but most customers will easily be able to eat two meals from one order.

Popular menu items are Thai delicacies, curries and salads, spring rolls.

Staff are very friendly and helpful and anxious to make your experience with them both satisfying and filling.

Clean environment and well-prepared food make Thai Kitchen a top-ranked choice. It is easy to become a regular here.

Thai Basil $$
3301 S Walton Blvd, (479) 273-3955

Home of exceptional Thai cuisine. From appetizers like their fresh spring rolls and Crab Rangoons to their delicious soups and curry dishes, this place will satisfy your palate and leave you feeling sated and content.

Their take home service is second to none, and they pay close attention to all the little and important details.

There are 5 different levels of spice, but ask for #3 until you can gage the heat level. #5 may be too hot for you.

Great service and food. You’ll love it.


Pho 85 Noodle House $
1140 N Walton Blvd #3, (479) 553-7373

Pho 85 Noodle House offers an array of traditional dishes such as pho noodle soup, spring rolls, banh mi sandwiches and vermicelli bowls.

Their signature dish – the pho noodle soup – is served steaming hot with tender slices of meat or tofu along with bean sprouts, herbs and noodles swimming in fragrant broth. It’s perfect for chilly days or when you’re craving something hearty yet healthy.

Aside from their pho noodle soup, other dishes worth trying include the crispy spring rolls filled with vegetables or shrimp and pork; grilled lemongrass chicken skewers served on top of rice vermicelli bowls; and the flavorful banh mi sandwich stuffed with pickled carrots and daikon radish alongside your choice of protein.

Pho 85 Noodle House also has vegetarian options available for those who prefer meatless meals. Additionally, they offer bubble teas in various flavors to quench your thirst after enjoying your meal.

Pho Thanh $
1204 S Walton Blvd, (479) 254-9127

The Pho here is out-of-this world. Get the small if you’re not too hungry, but get the large if you are, for only a $1 more.

Fresh Spring Rolls and steamed dumplings are delicious and fresh. Food is made to order, so you may have to wait a few minutes, but it will be worth it. Starters, soups, salads, entrees, noodles & rice, and Thai Curry are all on the menu. 

Great place to take your family and meetup with friends.

Honorable Mention

Flavors Indian Cuisine & Lounge $$
211 SE Walton Blvd Suite # 100, (479) 254-1035

Whether you are familiar with Indian food or not, you will absolutely love Flavors for its wide variety of food options and for the authentic taste of real Indian food.

Bar offers imported beer from China, India, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, Germany, Denmark and many more countries, and it also has local craft beers on tap.

There’s a fabulous daily luncheon buffet with many dishes to tempt your taste buds. Fresh Naun is served right to your table.

A family owned and operated restaurant and lounge that makes you feel right at home.


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