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How are businesses selected to the NWA Top 10 list?

The number one question we are asked is, “How are the winners chosen for the Top 10 lists?” 

We use a proprietary algorithm that is based on thousands of online reviews, select reader polls and the undercover experiences of members of the NWATravelGuide.com’s street team.

Businesses can’t pay, give our team free food or advertise to be on our NWA Top 10 lists. NWA Travel Guide’s Best of NWA Top 10 Lists are legitimate listings that you can trust to give you a top-notch experience.

Who is the NWATravelGuide and Why it Matters

The NWATravelGuide is NOT a government entity, nor is it supported by your tax dollars.

It is an independent project created by natives, locals and visitors who love NWA, and are devoted to showcasing only the best of Northwest Arkansas.

Our independence allows us to select businesses for our Top 10 lists that are genuinely the best in any given category.

Many of our readers have asked how they can help us to continue this project. 

We invite you to join us, and help support us with a donation.