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Welcome to the vibrant and captivating world of FORMAT Festival in Bentonville, Arkansas! A celebration that fuses art, culture, and innovation, FORMAT Festival beckons you to explore a tapestry of creativity like no other. Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Ozarks, this inaugural event promises an immersive experience that transcends boundaries.

FORMAT Festival captures the essence of Bentonville’s dynamic spirit, offering a diverse array of artistic expressions that range from contemporary visual arts to interactive installations, from thought-provoking exhibitions to engaging workshops. As you wander through this charming festival, you’ll be enveloped in a captivating atmosphere that ignites inspiration and fosters a deep appreciation for artistic ingenuity.

Whether you’re an avid art enthusiast, a curious wanderer, or a dedicated creator, FORMAT Festival invites you to discover the convergence of imagination and culture. .


Fatboy Slim Format Bentonville

Fatboy Slim by Grant Hodgeon for FORMAT Festival 2022

Thundercat FORMAT

Thundercat by Pooneh Ghana for Format 2022



The Flaming Lips by Roger Ho for FORMAT 2022


Khruangbin Live in Bentonville

Khruangbin by Roger Ho for FORMAT Festival 2022

HERBIE HANCOCK in Bentonville ARHerbie Hancock by Ismael Quintanilla III

The inaugural three-day and three-night FORMAT festival in Bentonville Ar, incorporated art, music, and technology lived up to the hype.

It more than lived up to the billing of an amazingly eclectic funky music festival.

The weather while a little warm on Friday, gave way to the perfect setting for a fall outdoor festival on Saturday and Sunday.  Attendance was comprised of locals, travelers from coast to coast, and international visitors with an estimated 10,000 attendees.

The FORMAT was held at the 250-acre Sugar Creek Airstrip property in north Bentonville and included roughly 70 musical acts, 50 artists and 20 art installations.

There were six stages on the festival grounds. North of Oz and South of Oz were the largest, where the biggest names performed.  There were additional smaller stages home to DJ sets, local musicians as well as  non-traditional spaces.

✅ Amazing Music
✅ Well Organized
✅ Awesome venue
✅ Cool Concept

✅ No Internet (Impacting attendees and surely impacting the social media presence of the Festival in real time)
✅ Camping prices? Yowzers

Below are additional images of the FORMAT Festival

Format Bentonville Ar Entry Gate

Athen Brandon Entry Gate by Roger Ho

The Cube at Music Bentonville AR

The Cube by Grant Hodgeon

The Cube Venue Bentonville Festival

The Cube by Grant Hodgeon for

Shoplifter by Roger Ho

Shoplifter by Roger Ho


Sound Suit by Charles Reagan for FORMAT 2022

NOTE: Aerial Image at top of the page courtesy of Charles Reagan for FORMAT Festival