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digital file with qr code mockupThis  Gamechanger “Official” Custom Top 10 Digital File with QR code gives your business immediate credibility and an easy way to get more engagement.

Attract potential customers attention immediately and let the qr code direct them to your specific information about your business (menus, deals, hours, special events) via social media platforms.

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Credibility and Recognition: – Official Top 10 Winner Status
Interactive Engagement: Scannable/Clickable QR Code directs customers exactly where you want them.
Versatile Marketing Tool : Can use on a variety of social media platforms
Attention-Grabbing Design: Enhanced Visibility: Combination of being an “Official” Top 10 Winner and the a QR code
Convenience and Efficiency: Instant Access to your information
Measurable Impact: Trackable Interactions:

Note: QR Code must be purchased separately.

✅ You will receive a digital file that can only be used ONLINE.

✅ Digital File Will Have Clear Background without MockUp accross the design

✅ 1692 x 2000 px – png file

✅ You will NOT receive a physical item.

✅  Your purchased downloadable file will not have “mockup” written across it.

✅ Your downloadable file will be in a “png” format.

✅ You can use this image for online social media promotion.

✅ You are NOT allowed to resell any part of the logo.

✅ The custom digital file will include Northwest Arkansas Travel Guide Top 10 logo, your business name and your winning Top 10 Category.

✅The Northwest Arkansas Travel Guide Top 10 Logo is a copyrighted trademark of Northwest Arkansas Travel Guide and may only be used with your online business social media campaigns and in non-defamatory ways.

✅Your licensed custom winners logo will be created once license is signed and payment is made.

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