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On the hunt for some delicious cupcakes in Northwest Arkansas?  Who can resist the perfect cupcake?  Not too small not too big, just right!

Did you know in the 1700’s, cupcakes were originally called number cakes. In 1919 Hostess first introduced its cupcake, the familiar cupcake with vanilla cream filling, chocolate icing and vanilla squiggles on top. Today the cupcake is a delicious individual snack that comes in seemingly endless flavors and designs. The delicious treats also come with in a Keto (low carb) version. The Top 10 cupcake bakeries in Northwest Arkansas are listed below:

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Bizzy B’s Cupcakes
1501 SE Walton Blvd #101, (479) 657-2557

Looking for beautiful, delicious cupcakes? You’ll be pleased to know that you can depend on Bizzy B’s for all your cupcake and regular cake needs. They make a cupcake that is moist, yet hold together while you devour it. Great for birthday parties and other special occasions too. Order online, or call ahead.

Eureka Springs

Cravings By Rochelle
137 E Van Buren, (479) 363-6576

Specializing in excellent service and delicious cupcakes, muffins and special order cakes. The cupcakes are every bit as tasty as their full-sized cakes, and they look amazing. Need a last minute order of cupcakes? Cravings by Rochelle will do all in their power to help you in your time of need. This is one bakery that aims to please.


Briar Rose Bakery & Deli $
28 E Main St, (479) 300-6027

Talk about amazing, delicious cupcakes, the ones from Briar Rose Bakery & Deli will make you the talk of the town. They are simply divine, and there’s no other word to describe them. Each bite is a little piece of heaven – moist and flavorful, just as they should be. Order in person or by phone. If you are doing Keto, Briar Rose has many delicious baked Keto items.


Bliss Cupcake Cafe Uptown
637 E Joyce Blvd #112

Bliss cupcake bakes a variety of delicious cupcakes, ones to make everyone in your family happy. Got a special occasion or event planned, call Bliss Cupcake to order cupcakes. They also have a location in Rogers. You will be pleased that you did.

Fat Bottomed Girl’s Cupcakes
11 N Block Ave, (479) 445-6630

This is the stuff of which amazing is made. These cupcakes are so very good on every level, they are fresh, moist and delicious regardless of which kinds you order. You’ll start dreaming about these cupcakes from the time you first try one, and you’ll find yourself making excuses to go by and pick up a few. A fun atmosphere coupled with amazing cupcakes are what you can expect every single time you frequent the place. They also have gluten free options, and you can order online. Try the Classic Chocolate on Chocolate and the Salted Caramel for a very special treat.

Rick’s Bakery
1220 N College Ave – Across From the Veteran’s Hospital
(479) 442-2166

With locations in Fayetteville and Rogers, Rick’s Bakery makes a wide variety of baked goods to tempt your taste buds including a good assortment of cupcakes for all occasions. You’ll be delighted with the friendly service at Ricks, and Mr Delivery is available for delivery.


Alexander Baking Co.
210 S. 1st St., (479) 372-4474

Alexander Baking Co in downtown Rogers specializes in cakes, wedding cakes, designer cookies, and cupcakes. Each month the kinds of cupcakes are rotated, and all are yummy beyond description. The next time you’re in the area, visit this delightful bakery to sample some of its marvelous creations.

Kirby’s Kupcakes
128 S 2nd St., (479) 633-8400

Specializing in cupcakes spelled with a k, this specialty bakery features a set menu of 10 amazing kupcakes everyday, and also bakes a rotating variety of additional ones too.. These are scrumptious, beautiful and fun. Kupcakes to brighten up your day, or make any occasion special.

Nothing Bundt Cakes
4409 W Walnut St, (479) 636-0223

From tiny bite-sized bundtinis to cupcake size all the way up to a full sized cake, these cakes are moist and bursting with flavor. They come in a 9 different flavors including a chocolate chocolate chip and lemon. Do yourself a favor and experience these delicious Bundt cakes.


Shelby Lynn’s Cake Shoppe
118 W Emma Ave, (479) 750-0044

Cupcakes at Shelby Lynn’s are all special-order ensuring that your cupcakes are as fresh as they can possibly be when you get them. Chocolate and Vanilla can be available in 24 hours, but other flavors take about 48 hours. Guaranteed to make you smile, these cupcakes are on another level yummy.