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Climb Bentonville is the premier yoga, fitness and rock climbing facility located in Bentonville Arkansas near Thaden Fieldhouse. Climb Bentonville has more than 16 thousand square feet of boulder, lead, top rope and kids climbing areas with more than 25 auto belays. They also offer classes, group events, memberships, birthday parties and more!

Excitement, fun and laughter fill the air at Climb Bentonville. While lead climbing, bouldering, kids climbing and top roping are all available, it also offers fitness and yoga.

Comparatively speaking, climbing gyms haven’t been in existence for all that long.

The first indoor climbing gym in North America was at Vertical World in Seattle, WA in 1987. The first one in the world was built in Bolzano, Italy in 1974.
The crag in central Oregon at Smith Rock State Park heavily influenced U.S. rock climbing in the 1980s., and from there the sport spread across the country to include more than 380+ gyms.

Bentonville Climb

With more than 20k sq. ft. of boulder, kids climbing, top rope, lead climbing and 25 auto belays, Climb Bentonville is a premier climbing destination. It offers programs for the beginner as well as challenging routes for experienced climbers. It offers 50 feet walls.

Climbing Bentonville gym

Bentonville Climbing Gym

Climbing Classes

Classes on climbing and how to use belays are available to help get the beginner off on the right foot. Group events and memberships are also available.

While no reservation is required, everyone who participates from the newby to the experienced must sign a waiver. This means everyone! You may fill out the waiver online to save time, or you can fill it out when you first come into the gym.

There are different rules that apply to different age groups. For example, climbers 16 – 17 may climb unsupervised, but climbers 12 and under must have an adult present at all times. Check to see what rules apply to you.

Climbing jargon is unique, but can be picked up easily enough:

Auto Belay is a device that is clipped into the harness, and is used to lower you to the ground slowly if you are ready to descend, or if you lose your grip. You must be 13 or older to belay at Climb Bentonville.

Bouldering is climbing without the use of ropes. Bouldering requires strength in your arms, legs, forearms, fingers and core. It involves the use of your entire body, and is great exercise.

Lead Climbing is a type of climbing where one climber takes the lead and other climbers follow. The lead climber is not supported by a rope, but rather takes the rope up with him, which makes his position more difficult.

Top Roping means that you are securely supported to a rope from above which passes through an anchor system to the top and then back down to a belayer.

Kids Climbing involves classes for proper climbing techniques. Kids 13 and older may boulder15’ high. The bouldering area is heavily padded in case you fall.

Beginners need not buy professional equipment, but can wear athletic clothing that you probably already have at home. Climb Bentonville also provides shoes and harnesses for a small extra charge.

There’s plenty of time to get professional gear after you have tried the sport and find you’re in love with it. Climb Bentonville has everything you need to get you geared up properly when the time comes.

Climb Bentonville AR

Climb Bentonville Prices

Prices start at $13 for a student day pass, and go up depending upon the equipment you need, classes you might take and your age. A typical day pass for an adult is $24, which includes shoes and a harness. Helmets are furnished at no charge.

There are many outdoor places to climb in the area, but when you visit Climb Bentonville, you can perfect your skills even on cold, dreary, rainy days. We are fortunate to have this top-of-the-line sports facility in our area.

It’s an exhilarating activity that will keep you in excellent shape, and you’ll meet people and have fun in the process.

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Climb Bentonville
801 SW 14th St, Bentonville, AR 72712
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Friday: 12:00 PM – 9:00PM
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Sunday: 11AM – 6:00 PM
Monday: 12:00 – 9:00 PM
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