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The Bentonville Travel Guide Is Revolutionary!

Are you tired of guides that are full of paid marketing campaigns? What about a guide that offers authentic, real time recommendations?

The Bentonville Travel Guide is the travel guide of the future! It contains (34) Top 10 lists that are genuine, real time recommendations that will give you the best possible kinds of experiences while you are in Bentonville and Bella Vista Arkansas.

We do not accept advertising, free food or soft openings from businesses that we endorse, rather, the businesses that we select are carefully researched and chosen on merit alone using a proprietary algorithm, which includes visits from members of our undercover street team.


Legit Top 10 Lists For Bentonville – Places to eat, hotels, Airbnbs/Vrbos, and things to do are all featured in our handy Top 10 lists. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to. You can trust our recommendations to direct you to the very best that Bentonville has to offer.

What’s Amazing About Bentonville? – Bentonville Arkansas is a vibrant, exciting place to be! You can feel it in the air. No longer a “small town,” the city of Bentonville is a bustling cultural municipality. Not only is it Walmart Headquarters and Sam’s Headquarters, but it is also the location for globally-ranked Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, the historic Downtown Bentonville Square, and the Walmart Visitor’s Center featuring the story of Sam Walton.

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art – Located in Bentonville, in the very heart of the country in the rolling hills of the Ozarks, this museum is a true art destination. It encompasses eight galleries and three miles of sculpture-laden trails. Forbes lists it as one of its ”Top 13 Art Trips You Need to Take”. The museum is engaged in collecting and exhibiting outstanding art that spotlights our evolving American heritage. Note: Due to the generosity of Wal-Mart, General Admission is free.

Cycling and Trails in Bentonville – Cyclists around the globe come to shred the world-class singletrack trails in the Mountain Bike Capital of the world. Two popular trails are Slaughter Pen Trails and Coler Mountain Bike Preserve. Multi-use, paved trails are also abundant throughout the city and adjoining areas.

Where To Stay in Bentonville – Bentonville has many wonderful hotels including the beautiful 21c Museum Hotel and hundreds of wonderful Airbnbs/Vrbos. The amenities are endless, and whatever your requirements are, they can be found in the Top 10 Lists of accommodations in Bentonville.

Where To Eat in Bentonville – The Bentonville Downtown Square and surrounding blocks have a lively culinary scene with many first-rate restaurants, top-notch food trucks, friendly patios, and bar-grub places to eat. Check out our 38 cuisine specific Top restaurant lists. No matter what you’re craving, we’ve got you covered.

Where To Get Cocktails and Beer in Bentonville – Most Bentonville restaurants have full bars, staffed with experienced mixologists. Beer pubs, wineries, and craft breweries are also scattered around the Downtown Square area.

“Whether you are visiting for the first time, a long-time native of the area, or–like me–a former resident who regularly returns to his hometown, this guide is indispensable.  The Bentonville/Bella Vista area is the cultural, culinary, and outdoor activity hub of the Ozarks (sorry Branson).  If you want to be “in the know” and not miss what this great area has to offer,  you must have this guide in your pocket!” Review by Joe Childers

Best Top 10 Things To Do and Experience In Bentonville

Have a driving sense of adventure? Want to ride the OZ trails? Into the culinary scene? Like museums and historical places? Love to shop? It really doesn’t matter your interest, the Things To Do section will point you in the right direction.

Bentonville Itineraries – Itineraries for Bentonville include a specific itinerary for Downtown Bentonville and one for the awesome museums of Bentonville.

Bucket List for Bentonville – This is one gigantic bucket list, broken down by interest. For example, if you are into cocktails, these are the can’t miss places for killer, handcrafted cocktails in Bentonville.

All Things Kids in Bentonville
– This section includes places kids can eat for free, activities and things for kids to do both indoor and out, and a short section about kid friendly patio dining.

“I am a local and the Bentonville Travel Guide is my go-to, so I stay in the know in the ever changing landscape of places to eat and things to do in Bentonville. It is the first thing I send to our Airbnb and VRBO guests when they ask for recommendations during their stay.”  Review by Sherry Thomas


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Bella Vista

Bella Vista, AR is an exciting Northwest Arkansas hotspot with many outdoor recreation opportunities. It has unique Airbnbs/Vrbos accommodations that are surrounded by gorgeous forests. A former resort community, it has lakes, golfing, nature, and many other outdoor attractions.

Bella Vista Cycling – Bella Vista is home to The Back 40 Trails, Little Sugar Trails, and Blowing Springs Trails. They are mostly singletrack with some multi-use and paved trails mixed in. Cyclists Come from all over the world to ride these beautiful trails that feature forests, streams, waterfalls, cliffs, wooden bridges, tunnels and more.

Where To Eat In Bella Vista – Hungry and looking for a great place to eat? There are a number of delightful restaurants and food trucks throughout Bella Visa including lakeside, Mexican, Italian, American, breakfast, burgers, pizza, and fine dining restaurants. Check out the Top 10 Bella Vista List.

“Would not be without it! As a traveler to NWA, on to become a resident and watch our community grow, the NWA Travel Guide is a must have…..even if you think you are in the “know”, this guide is priceless! There are so many valuable tips and suggested must see……”  Review by Dorothy Schiller

How to Use The Guide

Quickly Find What You Need To KNOW – This travel guide is organized into six main sections: Restaurants, places to stay, things to do, itineraries, bucket lists, kids things to do, and places where kids can eat for free, with additional more detailed information a quick click away.

This Guide Is Beholden To No One Except Our Readers – Our only mission is to serve YOU, our valuable customer, by giving you the best in any given category. We believe the businesses that are doing it right are the ones that you want to know about, and with this guide, you have in hand all you will need to make your time in Bentonville and Bella Vista an awesome, memorable experience.

Download today – The Bentonville Travel Guide, featuring everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Bentonville and Bella Vista, Arkansas.

“Wow! What a treat it is! It is the most comprehensive, entertaining, detailed guide to what our little piece of heaven has to offer. Do not miss the opportunity to treat yourself to this Second Annual Edition! Included within are 117 pages of wonderful pictures and narratives of delicious food and beverages of every kind you might imagine, as well as places to visit and stay throughout the region. Check off your bucket lists!
Enjoy! Well done!”   Review by Terry Coberly

“A great guide relieves one of that terrible fog of unknowing and tiresome internet searching. Lynn West and her dedicated talented team have scouted the very heart of Northwest Arkansas for culinary and cultural diamonds previously known only to locals. My wife and I have lived in Bentonville since 1974-you shall find no more reliable friend than this classy convenient publication.”  Review by Steve Gunter

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