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Bentonville pump tracks are quite the happening place. 

What exactly is a a pump track?  It  has rollers, banked turns and other features that are designed to create momentum from the up and down motion of “pumping” rather than from peddling or pushing.

This list of pump tracks were created just for kids.

Bentonville Bike Playground
2400 N. Walton Blvd.

Constantly in use and just north of the Bark Park, it was built to help beginning cyclists of all ages develop their riding skills. Contains a pump track, tunnels and bridges. Your younger kids will love this special place designed just for them. 

Metfield Skills Park
Bella Vista, AR

Located in the heart of the Back 40 trail system, it features ladders, drops and skinnies. For beginning cyclists, the pump track is just the ticket for Strider bikes, small bikes and even scooters.

Mama Bear Pump Track
8th Street Market

This pump track is great for Strider bike and novice pedal bike riders. Suitable for a 3-year old who is in the process of developing his skills for pedal bike riding. Since it is adjacent to the 8th St Market, it’s the perfect place to ride after a lunch break at the market.

Wolf Park
1606 SW Wisteria Ave, Bentonville, AR 72712

Recommended for confident Strider bikers and older kids looking to ride wood and rock features and race. Consists of two loops including the Wolf Trail and the Cub Trail. The Wolf Trail is longer and more difficult while the Cub Trail is shorter and takes no longer than 5 minutes to ride.

Great introduction trail for would-be mountain bikers.

Thaden School Bike Park
800 SE C St, Bentonville

Located next to the large red barn structure on the Thaden School grounds, this progressive private school has its own Velosolutions pump track!

While most pump tracks are constructed of dirt, this track is asphalt, and is the only one of its kind at a school in the U.S. Designed to be ridden with very little peddling, it’s the perfect place for kiddos to develop their riding skills.

Open to the public after school hours and on the weekends.