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Bentonville mountain bike trails are on the tip of everyone’s tongues these days.  Cycling is a big deal, and an integral part of the far north corner of NWA.

At this time, there are approximately 140 miles of mountain bike trails in Bentonville and Bella Vista alone with no end in sight, and there are roughly 1.5 miles of trail being built every week in the Northwest Arkansas region.

Additionally there are many, many miles of existing multi-use trails that are used for recreation, transportation and to connect the cities and points of interest in Northwest AR.

The OZ Mountain Bike Trails

Includes the MTB trails of Bentonville and Bella Vista, all of which incorporate the splendor and challenges of the Ozark Mountains and Northwest Arkansas.

These world-class mountain bike trails attract riders from around the world, and are equally popular with local and visiting cyclists. 


Slaughter Pen Mountain Bike Park – Easily accessible, it is actually basically within the confines of Bentonville’s city limits.

This spectacular trail is located on the mountain just north of the city, and it is an urban mountain bike experience like none other. It has 40 miles of single-track through stunningly beautiful Ozark Mountain scenery.

Designed specifically for mountain bikers, Slaughter Pen’s progressive features drops, jumps, log rides, table top jumps, a walled ride and bermed turns.

Park at 2400 N Walton Boulevard, next to the Bark Park. 

Coler Trail Bentonville – MTB Preserve – Considered a flow rider’s dream, it boasts seventeen miles of stunning mountain bike trails. If you are into enduro-style jumping, you won’t be disappointed here.

It includes the state’s most challenging enduro-style jump trail. Once on the trail, look for a 20-ft high, wood and steel structure called the “Hub” located near the top of the mountain.

From the Hub there are 3 different trails that take you down the mountain depending on your sense of adventure and skill level.


Back 40 – Nearly 40 miles of trails meander through deep woods with waterfalls, bluffs, creeks and Bella Vista subdivisions. The Back 40 is a breathtaking trail mainly built for singletrack. Get ready for grinding climbs and spectacular alternating descents as you ride the valleys and ridges of the east side of Bella Vista. Trail angels have stocked coolers along the trail filled with water and other liquid refreshments. Free and open to the public from 5 A.M. – 10 P.M. 
OZ Trails back 40 Bentonville mountain bike trails

Little Sugar – Open and ready to ride, the Little Sugar currently has 50 miles of new mountain biking and hiking trails passing over a wide variety of terrain.

West of the Back 40 and HWY 71, it takes the rider through amazing views, sustained climbs, long descents, berms, bluffs, option jumps, a waterfall, switchbacks, around lakes, creeks, caves, tunnels, drops, jumps and more.

Somewhat wider than the Back 40, the trail is considered single-flow, and has more climbing per mile than any of the NWA trails. 

Bentonville Mountain Bike Trail Map

If you’re new to the area mountain biking trails, you can find Bentonville mountain bike trail maps at Trailforks and mtbproject.com. Trailforks is a trail database, map & management system for users and a place to make and see reports on trail conditions. Another useful mountain bike tool is Strava, it provides GPS tracked route records displayed on a map, speed, distance, power output and heart rate. It makes it easy to keep up with your rides and lets others follow the same route.

Bentonville mountainbBike trails are world-class, and are the reason Bentonville has been named the MTB Capital of the World. It’s singletrack trails take you through the beauty and challenges of the Ozark mountains. It’s paved pathways and on-road routes are used by almost everyone for transportation and fun outdoor excursions.

Bentonville Mountain Bike Trail Map

Map courtesy of Trailforks.com


Cycling Apps

Here is an app that provides GPS-enabled audio tours for mountain bikers in Northwest Arkansas –  Trail Tours

This app is in Beta, but offers real trails, real time, real conditions – NWAFlowFeed