March 22


07:30 pm - 08:45 pm

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The Human Experience LLC

963 North Shiloh Drive

Fayetteville, AR, United States, 72704

The 9 Chakra Meditation practice focuses on 9 energy wheels that segment the body, from the holistic perspective of the Buddhist monks who have created, learned, and handed down the practice.
Compared to the 7 Chakra System, the 9 Chakra System has an additional center in the Sacral (the Sacral is two separate chakras) and an additional center between the Throat Chakra and Third/First Eye Chakra.
While we meditate, the guide (Martha) speaks a Sanskrit mantra that is unique to each energy center. Each chakra also has its own visualization, key words, and concept that are all shared as we travel through the meditation.
This specific practice has proven to be an amazing tool for not only enhancing focus and discipline; it aids in the rewiring of the heart and mind, and the shedding of trauma energy within the body, as well as enabling gift activation for the awakening eternal self.
We approach our personal internal environment during this time together. What is going on with the physical body? The mental body? The emotional body? The social and Spiritual bodies? What can be released to create space within for energetic upgrades? How can we enhance our subtle senses and tune in to the intelligence of our gut and heart- the intuition?
Using awareness, we journey through ourselves and find what needs to be cleared out so that we can create room for our optimal alignment, integration, and life experiences.
This is a great tool for people who are empathic- empaths who have not yet developed healthy boundaries as well as mature empaths who have realized their nature and spent time developing their energetic skills.
The 9 Chakra Meditation with Martha Robinson is available in two class styles: meditation all the way through the 9 chakras of this system and meditating through 1-3 chakras per class. Both classes are 75 minutes, and 75 minute one on one sessions are also available.