IMG_0213Warm color cures the blues of cold gray days. Such reasoning impelled me to drive towards Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Picasso, Mark Rothko, and the Color Field school’s best have arrived in all their fame and glory.

You may think all art exhibits are alike and so did I until this morning. My Original Member card  admitted me to the Special Exhibit. (I felt pretty special myself I must say). In my youth we had lots and lots of work and very little art except for those rare souls like Mrs Wilson in the 4th Grade, Ashdown , Arkansas who would share their love of the power of art to change a human life.

I turned a corner into the FIELD OF COLOR starring Mark Rothko’s giant work of orange and yellow. Two leather upholstered chairs silent invited me to really stop and see the work. An iPad and earphones allowed me to hear the very same music Rothko heard when he painted the masterpiece before me. Wow! That really made a difference for me.

Come to Northwest Arkansas and enjoy the warm.