The man from OUTSIDE magazine had returned from his walk of the Crystal Bridges Art Trail. I asked, “Sir, I know you have walked the best and worst trails all over our world. Where would you rank these trails compared to all those?”

He paused for an extended period of time before saying, “They are, perhaps, the best in North America”.

The answer almost floored me. I have walked the trails of NWA without ever thinking how truly great and wonderful they are. The trails of Bella Vista, the route around Lake Bella Vista, the biking paths, the extended routes from city to city in this area.

“Perhaps the best in North America”.

Thoreau wrote of the power such pathways have for the human who is almost locked away by the machine world of our times. The trail masters of NWA understand our need to “return to the garden”. Everywhere one looks the imminent return of spring brings hope to the heart weary of winter.

Come and see for yourself whether the gardens of Peel Mansion or the enormous trees standing at Dr Compton’s well tended estate…now open to the public-and restore your faith in fauna, flora, forests, and the future.