Glorious spring flowers ring the old soldier on the Square in Bentonville, Arkansas. Sweet are the sounds of fountains now flowing at every turn in NWA. Walkers fill the pathways to new cafes, museums, and exotic wine bars and their Italian Flags.

Travelers love the hospitality one encounters in Eureka Springs great art galleries and shops. Norberta Philbrook has the savviest lady of Art in the entire region. Ask for Raven, for she can answer every question whether for supplies or to find out the latest work from the master Zeek Taylor.

The great project of the Lee Scott family, THE AMAZEUM, nears completion. Imagine a children’s Wonderland where fun and learning and family all combine into a once in a lifetime experience for the entire human community. It is rather mind-boggling to think what shall yet arise from this tremendous gift to the people of NWA and the world beyond.

The best thing about being here on the ground is the chance to meet you and share the news in person. Look for “Wrangler Steve” when you come to this area. We can have coffee in the Pressroom then walk over to the Meteor Guitar Gallery and catch Black Oak Arkansas. Then it is only a step to Craig Gilbert’s WALMART MUSEUM with Mr Sam’s office just exactly as it was the day we lost him.

If you cannot be here then I should like to invite you back to this space for a short report on the astonishing things happening all around these once secluded hamlets of the Ozark people.