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Have you been trying to find the best real estate agent in Northwest Arkansas? Working with a real estate agent can be a seamless pleasure. It is rewarding and a relief to work with an agent who can offer a smart marketing plan for getting your home sold in record time, and it is also wonderful when you can work with a professional realtor who is committed to getting you into your dream home as soon as possible. In both cases, it pays to work with a professional who is genuinely concerned with your real estate needs.

Where To Live?There are many places to live in Northwest Arkansas including Centerton, Pea Ridge, Rogers, Springdale, Fayetteville and Bentonville, and there are no shortage of quality builders and luxury homes in NWA including those built by Scissortail, Hyde Park, Oak Tree Subdivision, Pinnacle Hills and Shadow Valley.

For information about the local real estate market check out the questions and answers given by our local expert below, Jason Curtis and if you don’t find your answer there, you can submit a question for FREE.

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Using a REALTOR is a guarantee of ethics and education. It protects you in a lot of ways such as safe access to homes. Thorough background research on homes and knowledge of the entire process with all of the State of Arkansas  Real Estate contracts and methods to ensure there are no issues down the road. And most importantly makes buying and selling a lot easier!

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Do your homework. Once you find someone, check into their ratings online. Any “good” agent will have easily found reviews. Don’t settle for just anyone. Use an agent with a proven track record of customer satisfaction.

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This depends on weather you are buying or selling. If you are selling, my suggestion is that you come to my office and allow me to show you why I am different than my competitors as well as use it as a good time to formally introduce ourselves to ensure we are a good fit with one another. After all, we will become “business partners” so to speak! People are taken back by that sometimes because they expect me to come to look at the house first. That’s not always the best option. I can help show my clients a ton of information on their home and the surrounding competition using a more interactive method than just sheets of paper in their living room.
If you are buying, typically we will meet buyers at a home they call requesting to see, but if we have the opportunity, again I prefer to meet in the office and cover the process that the client is about to embark on. There are a lot of things that should be made ready prior to committing to a home. Especially with first time home buyers. It can be overwhelming if you aren’t fully prepared.

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Did you know that most of the time when you use a REALTOR to assist you in buying that our fees or typically paid by the sellers? That’s right. You get a professional that has access to every home in the Multiple Listing Services as well as the protection that comes with hiring an educated professional.

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This is where we shine. Hiring a REALTOR to help you sell your home is where you should do the most research. It’ should be clear which brokerages are the most active in your area and if they advertise themselves enough to stand out, the are likely doing well in the business. Again, research the agent in the brokerage before you decide on the individual, but if the agent works for a great company, then it’s easier to expect great results. The biggest mistakes we see is when someone hires a “family friend” or and “old friend”. This will likely be the biggest transaction of money you will ever be involved in. Don’t leave it to someone that is ill prepared or unqualified.

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This question comes up a lot. Instead of spouting off a number, there are a lot of factors that must be considered and that is best left to lending professionals. And for the best steps prparing to hire a bank or lender, ask your REALTOR for guidance. Any seasoned agent will have many recommendations.

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This is simple! Once you have decided that you are ready to buy or sell, call me and I will see to it that you are walked step by step through each process from beginning to end. This is a REALTOR’s job. And we love it!

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Wanting To Buy or Sell Your Home?  I Would Like To Be Your Local Real Estate Agent.

If you ask around, it’s a little hard to find a “true native” of NWA but here I am. Born in Fayetteville, raised in Rogers. Now I have raised my three daughters in Bentonville and all but guaranteed to retire here. I love working in Real Estate and it has become my passion. Commercial real estate, rentals, investments and even building from the ground up. I can help with any real estate needs!

Jason Curtis

Jason Curtis

Real Estate Agent - Limbird Team

Jason Curtis
Limbird Team


Most agents are one-man shows with limited resources, time and energy, juggling several clients with little or no help and limited funds. With the Limbird Team, you get an entire TEAM of 20+ professionals all working for you!

Nobody can be great at everything, but our team is extremely specialized in the industry. That’s why we have listing specialists, buyer specialists, an operations manager, a closing coordinator, a listing coordinator, a marketing coordinator, a photography specialist, a social media specialist, and three client development professionals.

Wouldn’t you rather have a whole team working to sell your home rather than a single agent? The Limbird Team’s approach aligns resources to aggressively market your property and allows us to see your transaction successfully move through every step to completion. With every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed, we help to ensure your peace of mind.

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