Hancock Veterinary Services is a business that is in the Northwest Arkansas spotlight today.  They offer locations in Bella Vista and Springdale.

What did you want to accomplish by opening your business?
Our true purpose in opening Hancock Veterinary Services is to be able to serve and minister to people through taking care of their pets.  Our pets have become crucial members of our families and we want to be able to educate our clients and provide the best care possible for their pets as a pet health partner with them.

What do you want your customers to experience?
I want the customer to experience a partnership/friendship with Hancock Veterinary Services as we walk through the life of their pet with them.

What do you do best?
I feel one of the best things we do is to listen to our clients to come up with a plan that is appropriate for the patient and the client as partners with them in their pet health care.

What makes you different/unique from your competitors?
We are unique from our competitors because we offer extended hours to fit the unique time needs of our clients (Springdale location is open until 8pm-Saturdays 9-12), urgent care services, orthopedic services, plus partner with our clients to provide acceptable care to our patients that everyone can be happy with.

Why should a customer choose you over your competitors?
We are very available, and have 2 locations to serve our clients.  Our doctors love visiting with our clients and their pets.  They are accessible, and open, and if you want to just drop in and meet them before you make an appointment, they would love that.

Vet in Northwest Arkansas - Abner

Abner the Clinic Lion of Hancock Veterinary Services

What made you start your business?
We started our business to serve people and care for pets.  I think the longer we practice the more it has become clear that this is our mission.  Although we do have sad days, our lives our filled daily with great people, pets, and positive outcomes that confirm to us that we our glad to be practicing in NWA (where we have the best pets around)!!

What is the heart and soul of your business?
Our furry fluffy family members create the heart and the people that bring them to us are the soul of the business.  We want to be a vessel to show God’s love and compassion to people as they struggle with the hard decisions of different pet care or they have the excitement of a new puppy or kitten.  Our goal is they know we are a partner to help them through the life of their pet, and we want to be a support for them in all circumstances of their pet’s life.

What makes you happy about your business?
We love small business.  It is an avenue for creativity, and allows us an independence to make decision that we feel are necessary and vital for our goals and dreams in pet healthcare.  We can directly affect change, in many areas of the business.  We like to be the captain of our own ship (it may be a very small ship, but we can take it in the direction we feel would be best for our clients and their pets.)

What is the most popular service you offer?
We offer a variety of popular services.  We do orthopedic surgery on dogs and cats to help if they tear a cruciate ligament, or have a variety of knee injuries.  We also are starting to stay open later in April.  People have asked and we have listened.  Our clients would like more availability in the evening and so we are offering extended hours until 8pm M-F, and Saturdays from 9-3 (Springdale clinic).  This will give our clients another option than the emergency clinic until 8.  We are excited to be able to offer this service, and would love it if you could help spread the word!!

When do you, as a business, know you did it right?
We know we have done it right when other people recommend us to their friends and family!!

Call 479-717-2688 (Springdale)

Call 479-268-3338 (Bella Vista)