Spotlight on Keller’s Candies, a business doing it right in Northwest Arkansas.  Old fashioned, handmade candies, special recipes and some of the best candy you have ever tasted. Be sure to check out some of her delicious candy at the Fayetteville Farmer’s Market on Saturday Mornings.

What did I want to accomplish by opening the business?
A dream fulfilled of bringing back a family tradition started by my grandparents in 1936– the business of making candy.  Not just mass producing candy but the art of old fashioned handmade candy.  One batch and one piece at a time.  Simple products with simple ingredients.

What do I want our customers to experience?
Remember when times were less hurried, less stressful, simpler, when grandma or an aunt or the neighbor down the street took the time and put their love into making a quality product. You knew they cared about you when you received those “goodies”.  Keller’s Candies is such a company who believes that people give love and care into making great products, not machines.  We want our customers to experience a memory.

What do I do best?
Talk!   Make candy!!  Encourage others!

What makes us unique from our competitors?
Keller’s Candies is a family owned company specializing in the tradition of making high quality, old-fashioned, handmade, natural candies.  Each piece is an original.  The main ingredients–milk, butter and eggs–are purchased from a local farm.  There are no chemicals, preservatives or additives used to extend the shelf life of the candies.

Keller’s Candies offers a 100% money back — or product replacement — guarantee.  In the 6 years we’ve been in business, we are proud to claim that we have “not once” had a customer ask for their money back.

In February 2012 Keller’s Candies had the privilege of partnering with Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Gift Store in Bentonville for a trunk show featuring the museum’s love sculpture and our specialty chocolates.

What made me start this business?
I am a single mom and my son was starting high school.  I needed a way to make some extra money to help with expenses.  Making caramels for family and friends was something I’d done for over 20 years and my dad had a few of the recipes from Grandma and Grandpa’s shop, so I decided to join the Bella Vista Farmer’s Market as a vendor and set up a booth to sell candy.

What is the heart and soul of our business?
People; customers, team members, family, friends, friends of family, friends of friends, neighbors!

Keller’s Candies believes in investing in people.  Everyone has a story, everyone has a challenge, and everyone has a need for someone to listen and believe in them.  We all suffer from encouragement deprivation; the candy is the vehicle which allows us the opportunity to listen to another’s story. Our face to face contact with another person who needs a smile, words of encouragement or a listening ear is the heart and soul of Keller’s Candies.  Not only is our candy traditional but so is our thinking and believing that everyone still needs to be looked in the eyes and told “you are important.”

What makes me happy about our business?
Our customers are what make me happiest about our business. I like to tell people that we are in the memory business – I love hearing the stories about “this taste like I remember my…….making.”  With memories of the past and new memories of the future, our candy is the “Best memory you ever tasted.” Sometimes there are even a few tears as customers walk through a special past memory.

I like to believe that Grandma and Grandpa Keller would be proud that I was continuing a family tradition.

What is the most popular menu item?
Our three (3) most popular menu items are; Salted Caramels, Peanut Brittle and Snappers.

What is a must try at our business?
Grandma & Grandpa Keller’s chocolate fudge.  It is their recipe from 1936.   We made it more traditional by hand making the marshmallow crème for each batch – smooth and creamy.

When do we, as a business, know we did it right?
When a little girl brings her purse and asks her mom to help count out 100 pennies so she can buy one (1) piece of caramel (picture below).

Penny girl at Keller's Candies










When children come back often to get their favorite piece of candy and are willing to spend their allowance to do so. 

rsz_home_made_candy_northwest_arkansas (1)


Children are the most honest.  If they don’t/do like our candy, they will definitely let us know!

When customers tell us that our candy tastes just like..“a high quality national brand,” or “better than mom’s.”

When repeat customers stop by to pick up “their weekly fix.”  Some have been so bold as to call our candy a “crack habit.”

When my team mate is willing to put in many hours, without pay, because she believes in the product we produce and the dream of where the company is going.

Find out more at Keller’s Candies – Julene Keller, Owner ([email protected]) (479-586-1491)