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Juice and Smoothie bars mainly serve healthy and delicious prepared beverages and thick drinks (smoothies also made with freshly squeezed or extracted juice).  Many Juice bars also offer smoothies made from fruit juice and other healthy extracts like wheat grass, avocado, spinach, cilantro and more. Just drinking one juice drink or smoothie is often the equivalent of consuming a pound or two of vegetables and fruits. WOW! What a delicious and convenient way to get those organic veggies and fruits down the hatch.


Snack Lab
102 SE 28th St #2, (479) 268-5353

When you choose to have a smoothie from Snack Lab, you can be confident that that your are filling your body with the delicious, fresh and nutritious ingredients that it regularly needs to feel and look its very best.  The owners are extremely aware of the many allergens and other dietary needs of its customers, and they go above and beyond to accommodate those needs.  Try Snack Lab once, and I’m betting you’ll become a regular.


Berry Natural $$
3059 N College Ave, (479) 966-4636

Berry Natural is a family owned operation that specializes in 100% raw organic juices, juice cleanses and dairy-free smoothies. Everything is fresh and locally sourced whenever possible. The owners and staff are both friendly and knowledgeable. Try the raw brownies for a delicious snack.

Inta Juice  $$
1137 W Martin Luther King Blvd, (479) 445-6692

Convenient, popular spot for delicious and nutritious smoothies in Fayetteville.  The menu boasts many smoothie different options including those created to boost your energy like their Power Up Smoothies that are a burst of energy in a cup and they are loaded with powerful antioxidants.  The staff is friendly, accommodating and very knowledgeable about each menu item.

Mamaka Bowls
495 W Prairie St, (469) 248-5988

Mamaka Bowls is a family run business born of the desire to eat wholesome food while living the good life, a life filled with laughter in a laid back atmosphere.  The Mamaka Bowls and Smoothies created in this friendly place are packed with the most nutritious foods currently known to man.  Did you know that the Acai berry has twice as many antioxidants as does the blueberry?  If you are determined to give your body the building blocks it needs to be in top notch condition, regular visits to Mamaka Bowls is a  very good place to start.

Natural State Smoothies $
1772 N College Ave,(479) 445-6692

Helping to bring a healthy lifestyle to the people and visitors of Northwest Arkansas through their convenient, delicious and nutritious smoothies is the goal of Natural State Smoothies. The owners are committed to providing a large menu that is full of healthy choices including, veggie and fruit blends, power blends, dairy free blends, smoothie bowls and more. Natural State Smoothies makes it easy to develop and maintain a healthy way of eating. Stop by soon to see what all the buzz is about.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe $
3878 N Crossover Rd, Ste 10, (479)  633-8962

A super family friendly and post gym smoothie and healthy eating establishment.  Have allergies?  Let the staff at Tropical Smoothie Cafe blend you up a delicious smoothie that will take your food sensitivities into consideration.  The staff is nothing short of amazing in every department.  They are welcoming and friendly and eager to make a permanent customer out of you.


Smoothie King $
2090 W. Pleasant Grove Road, (479) 268-6300

The home of handcrafted smoothies blended with a purpose, Smoothie King offers amazing, healthy, great tasting smoothies to compliment every lifestyle and also to accommodate people with food allergies.  The crew is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, always going above and beyond to make sure that you are completely satisfied.  Stop in soon to sample a delicious smoothie from their wide selection of scrumptious and nutritious smoothies.


Nutrition Blast NWA $
3277 Sunset Ave, Suite C, (262) 894-9318

The name says it all, visit this popular health and well-being hang out and sample one of its more than fifty nutritious meal shakes.  The staff is always so helpful and willing to explain the healthy benefits of each of the many different shakes.  This is a great spot to visit for a nutritious, filling lunch.