eureka springsA yellow sun makes the northwest traveler gladly venture forth to find the elusive gnome of the Ozark hill culture. Reports indicate increased gnome activity in the area of Eureka Springs. Adventurers, photographers, and scribes have assembled, the quest soon begins.

Artists wander the streets in the tiny Swiss- like hamlet of Eureka. Perhaps the famed DAVE who sings better than the people on the record will be there this year. Raven has the art supplies found nowhere else in the region in THE NORBERTA PHILBROOK gallery.

Painters like the renowned Zeek Taylor reside in Eureka. It is just as if one had met Cezanne or Monet walking the streets of one’s own hometown. Excitement like this requires real food therefore my companion and I must refresh ourselves at THE OASIS a curiously exotic local cafe located in a wall between and upper and a lower street.

Shall we ride the Green Trolley or walk the broad way? What will we see? Whom shall we meet? The outcome  of this search for the Ozark Gnome shall arrive later this very day.