Best of NWA, Top 10 Issue 6 (April – June 2017)

Welcome to the 6th issue, the April -June issue of The Best of Northwest Arkansas, Top 10. We are thrilled with how well this amazing project has been embraced and supported by the Northwest Arkansas community and its visitors. Including residents, newcomers and visitors to Northwest Arkansas, we currently reach over 200,000 monthly.

Everyone wants to know how the winners for our Top 10 lists are decided. While the actual algorithm is proprietary, it is based on thousands of online reviews, select reader polls and the undercover experiences of members of the’s street team. Using three entirely different research methods allows us to determine our winners with utmost integrity.

While advertising is sold, no business can pay to be on our Top 10 lists. That is why both small independents as well as larger businesses are represented on our lists. If a business, large or small, is listed, it has definitely earned its Top 10 spot by being one of the very best in all of NWA. Being recognized on one of our Top 10 lists is an honor that cannot be purchased, and filling our magazine with only the cream of the crop allows us to spotlight the Best of Northwest Arkansas to residents, newcomers and visitors alike.

In this issue, we are thrilled to announce:

~  Power of Music Festival, April 27-29th.
~  The Spring Arts and Crafts Festival & Spring Fling by Flea Markets
~  Bentonville Film Festival, May 2nd – 7th
~ The Walmart NW Arkansas Championship, June 19th – 25th presented by P&G anevents associated with the LPGA Tournament, including BITE NW
Arkansas Food Festival and the 5k at the LPGA.

This issue updates all categories and we are excited to announce these completely new categories:

* Hot New Restaurants
* Pubs
* Smoothie & Juice Bars
* Creative Things to Do
* Downtown Rogers Experiences
* Hidden Treasures
* Unique Gift Stores
* Extended Stay Hotels

Thanks to all of you for your incredible support. Please let us know how we can continue to serve you.