Beautiful Eureka Springs is home to many delightfully different upmarket fine dining restaurants. Many are owned by trained chefs transplanted from other parts of the country and from around the world, making this small Alpine-like village a virtual hotbed for brilliant restaurants. These restaurants take pride in serving only the freshest, finest... Read more


Chef driven restaurants dominate the list of Bentonville’s top rated restaurants. Talent abounds and the competition for customers is stiff. With a focus on high quality, fresh and typically locally sourced ingredients, these restaurant, whether fine dining or more casual serve amazing delicious dishes. Steak houses, farm-to-table, French,... Read more


Bentonville, Rogers and Lowell have a robust industry of delightful flea markets devoted entirely to providing both residents and visitors to Northwest Arkansas a wonderful opportunity to shop at hugely discounted prices.  If you love to poke through an almost unlimited amount of... Read more


Who doesn't enjoy indulging in a heavenly dessert from time to time?  And most of us succumb to the delectable temptation frequently, don't we?  Fortunately for those of us who love decadent desserts, Northwest Arkansas has a wide variety of establishments that specialize in mouthwatering sweets including cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pastries, pies... Read more


Tex-Mex is Americanized Mexican food usually containing Mexican-style tortillas, some form of meat like beef or pork, black or pinto beans, and tons of shredded cheese. Common examples are Texas-style chili con carne and fajitas are both Tex-Mex foods. NWA’s Top 10 Tex-Mex options are listed below: Bentonville  Read more


Vietnamese food is loved by many  across the country and NWA is no exception. The mainstay of most vietnamese dishes is rice in a variety of forms including steamed, sticky, noodles, porridge and pancakes. Other common ingredients include fish sauce, herbs and meats like pork, beef, chicken, and fruit. Below are the Top 7 Vietnamese... Read more


Resale stores offering both high quality used goods including clothing and furniture and brand new merchandise abound in NWA. They are different from consignment stores in that all the merchandise is owned by the store itself. They give the people of Northwest Arkansas an option to purchase up market brands and styles for a greatly reduced... Read more

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Simply like our LIKE and Comment on this Facebook post to Win (4) $20.00 Tickets from NWA Conservatory of Classical Ballet to... Read more


Chic boutiques offering apparel and accessory fashions straight from the latest markets. Some of them also offer clothing and accessories for the more professional look. Northwest Arkansas is lucky to have many such boutiques that easily compare with the best in the country. In addition, many of NWA boutiques carry the latest in home decor and... Read more


Beginning in mid November and going through the month of December, holiday activities are in full swing in NWA.  There's plenty of fun for every age group including parades, lighting of the squares, winter markets, tree lightings, Christmas movies, ballet, concerts symphonies a Christmas train and so much more. Bentonville  Read more